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Welcome to Relax, my name is Darlene Pearks I specialize in helping you reach your potential through Massage, Mentoring and Reiki.   


I am deeply devoted to teaching 'Soulful Royal care' which is basically deep selfcare, I preach about this because when we truly take care of our needs and nurture ourselves we can be the best we can be, and the world needs that!  Through Soulful Royal Care we can discover who we are and start to understand our life purpose, knowing this truly helps us to live a life we love.    I also run a secret 'Soulful Royal Care' page through facebook just email me at massage@outlook.co.nz to join our group.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         A little bit about my journey...


I started out in a retail paint shop and became second in charge to the owner in my early 20's.  The next step was in sales, moving to Wellington to assist in a global service centre consolidation. Without any training I led the project and designed a 6 week training course for 40 staff. I realised that my deep passion and love for people supported me to guide and teach each and every individual I worked with.


Although I've never fully trained for the different roles I've always deeply trusted my ability to use my gifts by helping others thrive through showing them how to step into their own magical power.   I always believed that as a team we all had a special role to play and we were never competing with each other as all of our strengths were unique to each individual, this made me a great leader.

By 2012 I was a mum to three children, as a mum I noticed that many people were feeling alone and unhappy they were unable to see the magic that sat dormant inside them.  When I had my third child I realised that I wanted to restart my career by helping others to break through their blocks and start living a life they loved.

Stepping into business for myself has directly given me a way to serve and dedicate myself to others in a way that brings me joy. It was a big transition going from a full time corporate employee to a mum and becoming self employed.  I had to find my feet offering services, learning marketing and sharing who I really am. Being fully booked  for the last two years in my  business has been deeply fulfilling and eye-opening for me. Contributing to the family income in a way that has blessed me and my family has connected me with a desire to truly support others to prosper from service. I know that as we truly devote ourselves to soulful royal care, we have the clarity, energy and attention to rise higher in our lives!

What I offer has developed over the years and it has flowed into something quite unique, I offer Massage (Relaxation and MFR - Myofascial Release Therapy), Mentoring and Reiki to help others to heal themselves and start living the life they deserve.


So if you are ready to access your inner magic then lets talk.


021 14 33316



Thanks so much for the relaxing massage on Tuesday. Had the best nights sleep in ages that night and my back seems to be less stiff.  Susan 


After a luxurious massage with Darlene I felt chilled and revived-A perfect way to pamper this tired mumma, was just what I needed. Thank you Darlene, I will be back!  Tasma


I was nervous when I went for my first massage as I had not had many before..  Darlene made me feel so at ease, she is so kind and considerate and listens to what I want.  I now have a massage by Darlene once a month as it is so relaxing and has helped the pain in my shoulder.  Maree


Thanks Darlene for 90 minutes of pure bliss.  I will definitely be rebooking for more.  Sheryl


After having two massages with Darlene they are now going to become a regular part of my health and maintenance to look after my body. I am a busy working mum and keen runner so I definitely benefit from some “me time” and looking after my muscles at the same time. Thank you Darlene for helping to keep my body performing its’ best and helping me to relax and staying overall sane!









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