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How to process "Negative Nancy"

April 19, 2017



Anyone who knows me well would probably say that I am a positive person who sees things in a positive light.


Well that is not completely true!  How can it be?  Although this is maybe true 80% of the time or maybe less but as I have used #darlenescience to make this measurement we will say 80% ;-)


So yes I too can be flip side ‘negative nancy’, glass is not only half empty but actually completely empty and smashed all over the floor!   Yes I too can be the whinger, the whiner, ‘the woe is me why is life so hard’... ‘why meeeee’!!!!  You know what I mean!   Just ask my hubby he will tell you that yes I am completely normal and have times of despair and self doubt.


So like you I too am normal.  What I would really love to share with you all is the process I use to help bridge and guide me through this phase or blip in the road and come back to a more positive alignment.



The Process


Every morning I write.  I hit pen to paper and journal my heart out.   I make this easy by keeping my journal near my bed with a pen handy.

I normally write about things I am grateful for and any hopes and dreams that I would like to invite into my life.   BUT and there is a BUT sometimes I may have woken up and thought “arghhhhhh NO! Not another day!!  -  Boo -  how did that happen so fast?  More lunches to make, more children’s requests to fulfil and 100 more questions about life to answer.... I mean how do I know how many ricies are in his bowl?  Count them my child!!!!  More bills to pay,  More jobs to do!     Lets burn the washing, sell the children and get on a plane to the Maldives.... (I’ve never been that but it sounds so fancy!)


Yes I too can be negative, grumpy and sometimes just plain feed up! While I recognise this as a need to rest and relax sometimes life doesn’t allow it when I want it. So I have this process I use to hurdle jump my negative attitude back to full alignment and bliss.


Step 1.) UNLEASH

I begin unleashing my thoughts onto paper, not gently but with gusto using the full frustrating feelings to guide my pen along the paper leaving a trail of fear, feeling and humour to add in a dose of reality.  What I discover is that once I am done I am smiling at my writings - I mean...

‘sell the children’ - that is illegal right?


Step 2.) RECEIVE

So once this process is complete I am feeling ready to move forward and what I discover is that when I allow this unleashing (instead of suppressing) this frustration begins to dissipate. The frustration actually literally disappears or melts and in its place positivity arises and action steps/solutions/answers or at the very least a new perspective has stepped forward to see things in a new light.

What I love most about this process is that it is quick and easy.  


I would like to encourage you to give this a try next time you feel resistance or find yourself with a continuous negative dialogue that you would rather not be in.

I hope this is helpful to some of you, thank you for taking the time to read this.


Enjoy your journaling,


Darlene x

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