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What do you need?

November 27, 2016


Do you find that you don't have time to do the things you need to?  Me too! 


I wrote this blog on paper two months ago and I am just getting around doing this now....

OR is it a case of I was too busy doing other things that didnt really need doing to avoid doing my monthly blog (which has 3 almost 4 months in between blogs!)


I have heard myself say "I need to do yoga" I was feeling stiff, tired and in need of utter stillness.  I am so good at solving problems and fixing what needs fixing that you would think when I hear myself say "I need yoga" that the next free moment I would go straight to my yoga mat.     

No, instead I decided to try and catch up with my jobs so that I could create time and space for my yoga.... ha ha oh how ironic don't you think?


At the age of 41 I am finally taking myself seriously, well my needs and desires anyway!  So this year if I was tired I tried to rest or at least slowed down and took a easier path.   If I needed  a friend to talk to I organised a walk or run "date" or reached out via text or phone.     I may not have always got it right or even went onto my mat...(I'm working on that ;-)) but there was always small steps towards it happening ;-)


By asking myself "what do you need right now" in times that I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed can help me to  fufill my needs..... now don't get me wrong I am not perfect (what ever that is) and sometimes I catch myself way down the track of Stress Avenue before I realise and make a detour into Relax Street!   I dont always get it right, new habits and reconditioning or reprogramming can take time when we are re-teaching ourselves a new way.    I like to abide by a 80/20 rule 80% of the time I might nail it or close enough and 20% I can be human and fall off the path for a wee while.  Because lets face it sometimes life gets in the way and we have times when the pressure is on, but we also have times when the pressure is off, its this time I like to use wisely to replenish with Yoga, massage, bush walks, or a trip to the beach.


I'm not wanting to reinvent the wheel here, I am merely shining the light on a wheel we could be using, many of us have busy lives... Im not sure how having 3 kids and 2 businesses is not going to be busy, so its a great idea to have a plan of how I am going to do everything AND ensure my needs are met!  It is so importatant to me as when my needs are met I am happier and more responsive than when I ignore the niggling pain that is calling for my attention.


So as we head into December I wish you all well, and if you dont have time to take it easy plan when you are going to in the future!   Book that massage, do that yoga or head to the beach or take a walk in the bush.


Enjoy spending time with your friends and family and most importantly take time to enjoy what you like doing most of all.


Devote yourself to Royal Care

Darlene X

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