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For business owners who help others


A six week mentoring program into your business so you can authentically Serve & Prosper

For Bodyworker's or small business owners who are wanting to share their amazing services and/or products to create a better world!

This six week mentoring program is for you if:
You have a business you are passionate about but are struggling to attract a steady stream of clients or customers?

You are passionate about what you do but need to gain focus and clarity so you can Serve and Prosper?

My name is Darlene and I am a Natural therapist offering Massage, Reiki and Mentoring.
My true passion lies in helping others to be the best version of themselves. I opened my own Business, Relax in 2013 after I completed my Certificate in Relaxation Massage, but I struggled to consistently attract ideal clients. I added Reiki to my business in 2014 but realised that no one booked in because I didn’t know how to promote this new offering. I changed my focus around it and got myself a powerful mentor who helped me to find the words to convey the benefits of reiki and saw an instant shift with increasing reiki bookings.

Two years ago I personally really struggled to see myself actually being viable as a business. I knew I had to commit to my soul work, no job was going to do for me what I could do for me in this business. I started really listening to my clients challenges and discovered that a lack of self care and self love was becoming a real block for my clients; this is where Royal Care was born. Through Soulful Royal Care I help my clients to be their authentic selves. I realised that I needed to teach people soulful royal care so they could come back to who they really are, because that’s what royal care has given me!

I have learnt that showing up consistently and knowing your why are some of the key foundations to a successful business. It can be a rough ride alone when you are unsure where to put your energy, this mentoring program will take the guessing away and help you to show up and deliver your true passions to create a better world.

This  6 week mentoring program allows you to dive into your own business and will help you to learn where to invest your energy to not only serve but prosper too!


 Week ONE & TWO

Your Why 

Get clear on your "why" and see how you can consistently filter this through your business


Be Seen clearly

Explore how to be seen clearly through all of your client interactions online and offline

 Week FIVE & SIX

Align & Connect

Learn how you can serve your clients to add real value and look at how you are rewarded for that value so you can prosper on purpose.

A big part of owning our own business is the connections we make, we will look into how we can network and or collaborate with the right people for mutual valuable rewards.

Royal Care for you & your business

We will be implementing all things Royal Care, this is self love and care for YOU and YOUR business so you can Serve and Prosper for many years to come.

A big part of owning our own business is the connections we make, we will look into how we can network and or collaborate with the right people for  mutual valuable rewards.

Serve & Prosper will be delivered as a online course:

Your investment is $699 or $125 per week for 6 weeks

  • Weekly 90min online group call (6 x 90min calls over 6 weeks)

  • One free 60min Mentoring with Darlene session

  • Secret group to get daily support and information to keep you aligned and connected.

So if you are ready to Serve and Prosper then the next step is to contact me so we can have a chat and see if this course will serve you and your business.  


Darlene 021 1433316 or massage@outlook.co.nz

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