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Soul Mentoring with Darlene

Everyday we face our own set of unique challenges and sometimes we can struggle to get past them.  While I believe that "all our answers are within” I also realise that sometimes they are hard to find on our own.

This is where I come in; I can help you access your inner magic so you can bring your desires and dreams to life. 


We often find ourselves searching outwardly for that magic wand that will give us all the answers to our dreams. 

But we all have this magic right here inside our soulful self.

For years I looked to others for confirmation I wanted them to tell me that what I was doing was right and then I wanted them to tell me what to do next.   I really needed that type of guidence before I would make a change or decide on my next steps.

But the thing was when I would do this they would have an opinion and wouldn't always agree with me this left me feeling very deflated and hopeless as deep down I was not asking for their opinion what I was really wanting was a high five and a "you got this girl!"

For years I operated my life like this waiting for others to give me the green light!!  I can tell you it was exhausting and totally stunted my rate of growth!  So I eventually started to look within and discovered how to access my own inner magic.  We all have this right at our finger tips and once I discovered this and realised that I actually held my very own magic wand and became dedicated to using it.... well things just fell into place more and ideas flowed with ease!   Everything was accelerated like MAGIC!


If you need some help to get your inner magic back or need to find your spark and enthusiasm again then lets talk.  I offer a free 15min chat so you can hear how I can help you.


Darlene Pearks

Soul Mentor

Access you inner Magic!


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