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Would you like to learn how to use your own magic?

Something exciting is happening!!!     But first a bit of background....

Finding your inner magic can seem near impossible when things are feeling hard and we often look outside of ourselves to correct our course, but what if I told you that by going within you can find all the resources you need.

All the magic lies within we all have it in us... YOU have it right inside of you and its waiting to be used for your greater good.

Maybe you have admired someone so much just adoring their amazing grace, and just love the way they make you feel when you are around them. Well what if I told you that what we notice in others we have in ourselves as it is all a mere reflection.


This is the magic of being human we are all capable to be as amazing, clever, intuitive and graceful as anyone else!!!  Unfortunately we can find it more comfortable to hold on tightly to our current "norm"....... we hold on when we should be letting go to allow a new reality to present itself to us.

There was a time when I believed that my reality was something that I had to endure, I really believed that I was unlucky or not lucky enough, that I was too normal!! I used to go around noticing everyone else and their amazing attributes and when others would speak of the amazing things I was doing I would just ignore them and believed that they were just being kind so that I would feel as amazing as them. I longed to be like them to have things go my way. .................Can you relate?


One day I started to notice that the negative things I thought about came into my life, I would receive a great big bonus and think that will go to waste and guess what it did! I would think to myself that no one really appreciated me and guess what I noticed the most hurtful things, like being left out or being forgotten about.

After I began my business 'Relax" I started to unravel myself I started to take care of myself and the first thing I changed was my inner world, I began to understand that to change my outside world I needed to change my inner world. I started seeing a powerful mentor who helped me to accelerate my healing and what was revealed was the power that lay within, I started to see myself as others saw me.

I began to believe in the power of my inner magic and once I got out of my way things really accelerated in my business and personal life. I added mentoring as an offering and I've been enjoying serving these clients, I love hearing about the walls they break down and the inner turmoil they overcome.

Soul magic is like having a magic wand as it allows you to create the life that you want, in these online groups we dive into full awareness and begin to notice what is happening in our outer worlds.   We then look at the action that needs to be taken so that we can start to create the life we love.  


SoulMagic is a time for self discovery and awareness, as we take a  closer look at what we do consciously and unconsciously and why.

The exciting bit!!!!!!

SoulMagic is a  online group, so anyone can join!

*Guidance on ways to stay connected

* Learn what is distracting you and find ways to reorganise your day to best suit your needs.

* Find out what your outer world is telling you and how it relates to your inner world

* Discover your inner magic and take action to use it

The delivery will be via posts and live interactive videos (which can be watched later on if need be). 


You will receive support from myself through out the month to help you to get through any "MessyMagic"

Is it time to restart yourself afresh and create a life that you truly love while being rewarded for your efforts?

Total Investment is   $111.00 per month Begins 1st March until 31st March 2019

SoulMagic Package

Access to the group for one month

1 x 30min one on one sessions with Darlene to help you work out your next steps

Lets stop the struggle!  I will show you how to gain clarity and take action by accessing your inner magic.  Its time to launch yourself into the life you want!!   let's have some fun magic play!!

If this speaks to you and you're ready to find your inner magic or find your spark again then let's go!  I would love to have you on this journey with me.

Phone 0211433316 or massage@outlook.co.nz for details I'm so excited about this!!!


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